First, in my spare room, I swivelled the bed on to a north-south axis.

The Spare Room, Helen Garner


I heard this author talking about her book on radio and needed to know more.  If not for the radio interview, I wouldn’t have bought a book about life’s end.  But she was touching, leaving me wanting to find the book that day, buy it and read it.

There’ll be gaps in my posting for a while – I’ve moved, for a brief while, to France.  But I have access to shelves of books I wouldn’t normally read, and they might have some intriguing first lines!


Weekly photo challenge: From above 54 great opening lines: 46

  1. Helen Garner is one of my favourite authors and easily my favourite Australian author. She is someone who should write a lot more than she does.

    1. This was a surprisingly compelling novel, though not one I would have bought with no knowledge. Yes, Helen Garner has a gift for storytelling,

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