I am to break into the conversation
With a word that tastes like snow to say;
I am to interrupt the contemplation
Of the familiar headlines of the day –
Horses, divorces, politics, murders –
With a word cold to hear or look at,
Colder to speak.

The Fire on the Snow, Douglas Stewart


A play written for radio:  the story of Captain Robert Scott’s expedition to the South Pole, reaching it only to find that Amundsen had beaten him.


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  1. Oh, this is really interesting… I’ve never heard of it before but I think I’ll ned to search it out. I’m writing a novel in verse at the moment – but have always thought that it’s true life may be in it’s ‘performance’ rather than in ‘being read’.

    1. The opening line is read by the “Announcer” who speaks often in verse; but in fact the whole play is poetic. This is a good line: “Everything’s dark; but talking is like a candle.”

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