Monochrome Madness Challenge

Leanne Cole and Laura Macky have a blogging challenge to find a sight that looks superb in black and white:  Monochrome Madness.

I presently live in a city where there are no billboards and very little advertising visible anywhere, except occasionally in bus stop shelters.  And there are no overhead wires for trams because there are no trams.  So when I visited Melbourne last week these very things were constantly capturing my attention, the omnipresent messages and photos in street advertising, and the straight dark lines of overhead tram wires.

When I saw these images of a beautiful man and woman, labelled Man and Woman, disfigured, from anyone’s viewpoint down below in the street, by the tram wires, I made a judgement and learnt two things.  1.  It’s good to live without advertising telling me how unbeautiful I am.  2.  Trams are fun and functional and I’d be happy to live with wires criss-crossing above me.

Here’s my photo of Monochrome Melbourne.

Toorak Rd, South Yarra, Melbourne, late afternoon, Anzac Day 2014
Toorak Rd, South Yarra, Melbourne, late afternoon, Anzac Day 2014



Author: Trish

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9 thoughts on “Monochrome Madness Challenge”

  1. Nicely captured, Trish. One of Melbourne’s best features, the trams, except when you are stuck behind one in, for example, Burwood Road.

    1. I’ve been told that that’s the idea – to annoy drivers enough to stop them driving and force them to use the trams. Problem is, trams don’t go everywhere.

  2. Trams are the best. Much more fun than buses and trains. Some continental cities have them, too, so if you ever go to, say, Lyon in France or Basel in Switzerland, you can catch a tram.

    1. For some, the wires are ugly. But I see them as a sign of easy public transport. Melbourne is a great place! In monochrome or colour…

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