Weekly photo challenge: Blue

My submissions for the weekly photo challenge usually come from my father’s war album filled with black and white images.  So, in that album I find nothing blue.  However, in his sketch books, while he usually favoured green (don’t know why), I found this painting of a seascape with blue sky and blue sea.  It’s a photo challenge, so I submit this, a photo of a painting.  Before photographing it for this post, I had never noticed the edge of a sunset on the horizon.  Nor the signature on the right.

I did, however, submit a photo of real life for the unofficial challenge by Ailsa (see my previous post).

R.E. Bruce, untitled seascape, c1939, © Patricia Worth

February photo challenge: 13th Feb, Blue

So many of the photos we took on the weekend are studies in blue.  This one shows that blue does not always mean down.  When you’re beside blue water, under a blue sky, in front of a blue lamp post, and it’s your birthday, blue means up.

Batemans Bay, NSW, Sunday