February photo challenge: 29th Feb, Something I'm listening to

Pauline Croze has a voice that comforts me;  a little bit husky, a little bit of a lisp.  She sings clearly and not too fast so I can sing along with her, following the lyrics to practise my French. The jazzy rhythm helps me remember the words;  it’s also great for chair dancing.  Sometimes I… Continue reading

February photo challenge: 26th Feb, Night

The “English Bridge” at night:  the bridge itself is partly visible if you click to enlarge the photo.  The lamppost is on the bridge but the buildings are to its left. The “English Bridge” in Cairo was also known by its French name, Pont des Anglais.  A few decades later it was nicknamed Kobri Badi’a… Continue reading

February photo challenge: 25th Feb, Green

Green.  Where do I begin?  I see it through every window; the yard and gardens are full of it.  In my back yard, a fig tree laden with green figs overgrows a garden of zantedeschias and red valerian, both flowerless here, and lemon balm, a relative of mint. Two steps hide beneath the luxuriance but… Continue reading

February photo challenge: 24th Feb, Inside my bathroom cabinet!!

I don’t have a bathroom cabinet, I have a shelf.  Actually, half a shelf, since my other half has the other half.  Here’s a photo of some of the items on my half.  The red perfume bottle and its reflection became an obsession and I took about ten photos before settling on this one, then… Continue reading

February photo challenge: 22nd Feb, Where I work

I sometimes work in various people’s homes as a tutor, so I can’t show you those places.  But most of the time I work at home.  I run a household and I translate.  At the table on the deck out the back I translate passages by hand, and then at the desk at the front… Continue reading

February photo challenge: 21st Feb, Fave photo of me

Rodin’s Burghers of Calais (Les Bourgeois de Calais, Auguste Rodin, 1889) in the Sculpture Garden at the National Gallery of Australia here in Canberra is my absolute all-time favourite sculpture.  For me, the burghers can make a bad day better.  And a good day ticklish. I sometimes come to the sculpture garden just to sit… Continue reading

February photo challenge: 20th Feb, Handwriting

I remember the moment I saw this verse in a calligrapher’s studio.  Some friends were, at that period, busy making money, buying possessions and reading books about getting rich.  The verse made complete sense and I bought a framed version immediately.  Recently, a German calligrapher, a pen friend, asked me to send him a handwritten… Continue reading