46 Great Opening Lines: 26

Alicia Martin,¬†‘Biografias’, installation in Cordoba, Spain, Photo courtesy of Toni Castillo Quero, Creative Commons * Over the past decade university ¬≠libraries have been systematically removing books from their shelves. Michael Wilding, ‘University Libraries should Preserve Printed Books’ in The Weekend Australian, 23rd August 2017 Last week’s opening line came from a short story by Michael… Continue reading

46 Great Opening Lines: 25

Advertised it looked an interesting job: Writer requires an intelligent typist. Opening line, The Words She Types, Michael Wilding, 1975 A few years ago I was staying in an apartment with bookshelves full of books. With only three days to read, I selected The Penguin Best Australian Short Stories and flicked through it, reading first… Continue reading