Weekly photo challenge: Face

If you’re looking for some mild amusement, and you have an Apple computer, check out the Faces option in the ‘Apple Photos’ application. It collects images of faces, that is, anything that resembles two human eyes above a nose above a mouth. It doesn’t always get it right. Sometimes it finds sculpted faces, though they… Continue reading

Weekly photo challenge: Unexpected and fragrant

In Wellington, New Zealand, there’s a wooden church that’s a church by name but not by nature.  From the outside, it’s small, cream, nineteenth-century, Gothic Revival.  Quaint. When the ‘open’ sign is displayed, visitors are welcome.  And when they step inside, many exclaim ‘Wow!’.  They don’t expect to see an interior composed entirely of rich… Continue reading

The colours of New Zealand – South North Island!

Last week I posted photos from our time in Auckland, and on the volcanic plateau, and in Hawke’s Bay on the North Island of New Zealand. GREEN, AGAIN Our last stop was at a small bay north of the capital, Wellington.  To say it was windy would be an understatement.  It blew cold constant gusts… Continue reading

The colours of New Zealand: Hawke's Bay, North Island

After spending time in Auckland, New Zealand, and driving through the volcanic plateau, we moved on for a great week in Hawke’s Bay on the east coast of the North Island.  Again, as last week, I found broad strokes of individual colours wherever we went.  There was plenty of: BLUE A matching blue bay and… Continue reading

The colours of New Zealand – volcanic plateau, North Island

A couple of days ago I posted about single colours I came across in Auckland, New Zealand, on this, my first trip there.  After leaving Auckland, my husband and I made our way down through the middle of the North Island, stopping for morning tea where the roses on tables were twice the size of… Continue reading

The colours of New Zealand – Auckland

New Zealand is a country just three hours’ flight from my home, yet I had never been there till last week.  It’s a gap in my travelling experience I was ashamed of when meeting New Zealanders in Europe!  Well, now I can say I know something about NZ, and I can agree with all those… Continue reading