Daily Prompt: Stroke of midnight

Where were you last night when 2012 turned into 2013? Is that where you’d wanted to be? Last night in Australia was the end of the first day of January. This morning it’s the second.  But I’ve awoken to the questions above because WordPress people are still getting through the first day. But to cut… Continue reading

366 unusual things: days 364 – 366

29th Dec – Ten boxes of chocolates and biscuits, Christmas gifts, are stacked in a tower in my kitchen. 30th Dec – Heard in a sermon that 560 French and German churches have closed in the last decade and, now they are empty, many are being converted into mosques. 31st Dec – Today is a… Continue reading

366 unusual things: days 354 – 358

19th Dec – My son cooked dinner for the six of us in his apartment.  It’s his 24th birthday but he spoilt us. 20th Dec – In my household, 4 things have an imperfection in their 4th working part: One leg has rusted off my fashionably pre-rusted outdoor table; One of four glass feet on… Continue reading

Ailsa's travel photo challenge: Festive

Ailsa’s photo challenge focuses on travel, http://wheresmybackpack.com/2012/12/21/travel-theme-festive/, and most (if not all) my contributions have been of photos taken far from home.  Usually, travel is for the fun of it.  But occasionally, throughout history, people have travelled to far-off lands to help defend them.  For soldiers, travel is small compensation for a life that is dangerous,… Continue reading

366 unusual things: days 349 – 353

14th Dec – One of my students said today after our last lesson, ‘I’ll miss you’.  This is unusual for me. 15th Dec – Watched a six-year old write in cursive, something most older children and young adults can’t do these days. 16th Dec – Saw the word ‘themself’ in the latest translation of Les… Continue reading

Ailsa's travel photo challenge: Transportation

Someone is going out in style in what must be a Christian funeral, the carriage decked with a cross and angels, moving past a mosque!  This is the first mosque built in Heliopolis, the present-day outer suburb of Cairo which the Belgian Baron Empain built out of the desert in the early 1900s.  The mosque… Continue reading

366 unusual things: days 339 – 343

4th Dec – My 40-year-old Chinese student doesn’t know where Israel is, and has never heard of it. 5th Dec – My 12-year-old Cambodian student prefers to write left-handed but in Cambodia it wasn’t allowed. 6th Dec – I tutor a primary school student who asked me if tutor is spelt like shooter.  She formed… Continue reading

Ailsa's travel photo challenge: Circles

High in the mountains in south central France, in the village of Le Chambon-sur-Lignon, a circular stained glass window draws the eye to a command etched in stone above the door:  “Aimez-vous les uns les autres”.  Love one another. For four years during the second world war (1940-1944) the villagers of Le Chambon sheltered refugees… Continue reading