Weekly photo challenge: Unusual

Back in May I blogged about a new sculpture that was set in place on Anzac Parade in Canberra as a memorial for the Boer War in South Africa (1899 – 1902). Before the official opening, the sculpture was covered in black plastic, or rather the sculptures, all four of them. It was a weird… Continue reading

One trip EVERY month: November

This month I spent a weekend at Barlings Beach on the south coast of New South Wales, named after the Barling family who have been in the area since 1852.  That’s a long time in Australia’s books. On the way I saw an ex-church which has been here almost as long;  the sign high above… Continue reading


This is an inviting house tucked away on a hill in Port-Vendres, France.  Check out the tricky second entrance, up the ladder. At the left of the house is a gate surrounded by multicoloured mosaics on both sides. Here’s one side: Take a look, too, at Ailsa’s travel photos, especially the multicoloured hot springs.  Totally… Continue reading

366 unusual things: days 364 – 366

29th Dec – Ten boxes of chocolates and biscuits, Christmas gifts, are stacked in a tower in my kitchen. 30th Dec – Heard in a sermon that 560 French and German churches have closed in the last decade and, now they are empty, many are being converted into mosques. 31st Dec – Today is a… Continue reading

366 unusual things: days 354 – 358

19th Dec – My son cooked dinner for the six of us in his apartment.  It’s his 24th birthday but he spoilt us. 20th Dec – In my household, 4 things have an imperfection in their 4th working part: One leg has rusted off my fashionably pre-rusted outdoor table; One of four glass feet on… Continue reading

366 unusual things: days 349 – 353

14th Dec – One of my students said today after our last lesson, ‘I’ll miss you’.  This is unusual for me. 15th Dec – Watched a six-year old write in cursive, something most older children and young adults can’t do these days. 16th Dec – Saw the word ‘themself’ in the latest translation of Les… Continue reading

366 unusual things: days 339 – 343

4th Dec – My 40-year-old Chinese student doesn’t know where Israel is, and has never heard of it. 5th Dec – My 12-year-old Cambodian student prefers to write left-handed but in Cambodia it wasn’t allowed. 6th Dec – I tutor a primary school student who asked me if tutor is spelt like shooter.  She formed… Continue reading

366 unusual things: days 334 – 338

29th Nov – In a post office I was waiting for quite some time in front of this poster. It left me wondering about the water source. 30th Nov – Started learning Spanish online.  Now I understand why a printed j sounds like h.  Like San Jose. 1st Dec – Out of 30 people at… Continue reading