Weekly photo challenge: Window

A window to this artist is not just a transparent barrier between him and the weather.  It’s a place for colours and picture tiles and wooden shutters and an iron grill.  The plaque says:  “In this house the painter Willy Mucha lived and worked from 1940 to 1995.  Friends of Willy Mucha.”  See how he has inlaid some tiles in the wall around the window frame?

I found a small image of one of his paintings and pasted it below.  It’s Collioure in its sunniest colours.

Willy Mucha's window, Collioure, France
Willy Mucha’s window, Collioure, France
Ciel jaune sur Collioure (Yellow sky over Collioure), Willy Mucha
Ciel jaune sur Collioure (Yellow sky over Collioure), Willy Mucha

2012 Launched

For a couple of years I’ve had a small copy of this painting on my wall.  It reminds me of one of the photo challenges for January:  Launch.  On this last day of January, I want to show it to you.  It’s a blogging analogy.  On 1st January I started this blog, lifting off in colourful company.  Some float with me, some observe from solid ground.

René Jean Le Moine, ‘Chateau de la Muette’, 1783


The hot air balloon launched at the Chateau de la Muette was the first untethered manned flight.  It was invented by the Montgolfier brothers;  thus, in French, it’s called a montgolfière.  The painting above is part of the National Library collection here in Canberra.