Weekly photo challenge: Regret

This week’s theme has me questioning what are appropriate photos for a blog.  My submissions for this weekly photo challenge are all coming from my father’s war album, and this morning I had to choose between a number of photos that tell a story of regret.  In the end, I couldn’t put them on my blog.  It’s enough to say that my father regretted volunteering to defend Australia in the Middle East.  It’s also true, though, that those who were defended didn’t regret his contribution and were very thankful for the servicemen and women of the AIF (Australian Imperial Forces).

This photo, however, makes me wonder what the driver was thinking.

Desert, North Africa, 1941

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  1. I’ve looked more closely at the photo today and I’m thinking that the car might be on a road that’s invisible to us. That old car is no 4WD. Still, it looks like a long way from anywhere and he might have regretted it if the car died of thirst.

  2. I’m glad you think it’s amazing. To tell the truth, I was never interested in this photo until I had it scanned and could enlarge it on a screen. The original is tiny, as they were, and I hadn’t even seen the car. My father gave the photo the title ‘Desert’, so I had no clue to look for anything but sand and lots of it. Desert warfare must have been an incredibly hellish business. The Australian soldiers, though, were quite tolerant of the heat and the flies and sand because Australia is like that. They had an advantage over the cold-climate combattants.

  3. Thanks for looking at my photo and leaving a comment. I’ve been looking closely at the photo today and noticed that the footprints lead to the car. Unless they lead away from the car. But either way, someone needed help, and was undoubtedly regretting their desert-crossing attempt.

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