366 unusual things: days 49-53

18th Feb – Doing some exercises in the book How to think like Leonardo da Vinci:  Seven steps to genius everyday (Michael Gelb), I noticed after a few pages that the cover of my notebook, a gift from a son, says ‘I have nothing to declare except my genius’ (Oscar Wilde).

19th Feb – Removed a metal and glass shower door and replaced it with a rod and curtain.  The splash of the shower is no longer tinny and echoey, but soft like rain on porcelain.

20th Feb – This morning a Housing tenant, the one who exposed himself to the ATM camera at the local shops, is getting into a fluoro yellow hatchback in a fire-engine red business shirt, a blonde woman at the wheel.

21st Feb – Today I noticed that I have 22 followers, many of whom I’ve never heard from.  They follow me like shy phantoms.

22nd Feb – A few weeks ago I ordered some fabric online for the first time.  I wanted this dark red organza with orange and yellow checks, as it is in the sample online.

The online sample
Organza surprise!

But this is what I got:  a bold gold cage embroidered onto look-at-me red.  With turquoise and cream triangles.  It was one of those ‘ha ha ha, well, that didn’t work’ moments.