366 unusual things: days 69-73

9th March – In a Chinese restaurant, I wanted the “Catch of the Day” until I saw it swimming in a tank.

10th March – Walked up my son’s driveway through a litter of apples fallen from a tree.  I looked up, hoping to pick one, and indeed there was only one on his side of the fence, but it was too, too high.  The fruit-laden branches were on the neighbour’s side.

11th March – In an alternative café, an old wall vent has had its screen removed and replaced with four brass taps.  Vent art.

12th March – Last night at midnight we called the police about a party outside the government flats.  This morning I read in Agnes Grey, by Anne Brontë, an old cottager’s thoughts on the desirable consequences of being nice to unpleasant neighbours:  ‘the very effort itself will make you love them in some degree – to say nothing of the goodwill your kindness would beget in them, though they might have little else that is good about them.’

13th March – Busy selecting potatoes in the supermarket, I heard the sound of heavy leather slapping the floor behind me.  When my bag was full I turned round and found a large wallet, but no one close enough to have dropped it.  Handed it in.

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  1. Very strange with the wallet. Your father’s photos offer a fascinating glimpse into the past but I really love these 366 unusual things posts. They say a lot about you as a person.

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