366 unusual things: days 124-128

3rd May – A student sent me an email that seemed blank until a few words caught my eye on the far right of the screen.  Her computer was set for Arabic.

4th May – The restrooms in a trendy shopping village have blue lighting which makes your skin look blue.  Found out today this makes finding a vein impossible.

5th May – When a police car arrived outside the Housing flats opposite us, an old guy doing some gardening stood up with both hands in the air.  I was relieved to see them all laugh.

6th May – Tonight there was a Super Moon:  the orbiting moon came the closest it gets to the earth.  My husband and I took photos –  I shot the moon and he shot the possum.  With a camera.

7th May – Had my hair cut by a hairdresser who said ‘beautiful’ every time I spoke.  I liked it.  At first.