Ailsa's travel photo challenge: Signs

Thanks to Ailsa for proposing ‘Signs’ as a theme.  She found some signs giving pretty direct commands:  ‘be kind’, ‘be polite’:

This week I photographed a sign that is also unambiguous.  I was tutoring a student who had to make a brochure to educate drivers on the combination of alcohol and driving.  We talked about ways of preventing people from driving after drinking, and I thought of this sign on one of the freeways in our city and wondered if it’s successful in preventing accidents.  I don’t drink alcohol, so I giggle darkly at this sign and its unsubtle message and try to imagine its writer.  But I’d be interested to know what effect it has on drink-drivers.

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  1. It’s inevitable, isn’t it? We invent a thing to get us around faster (the car) and we end up with tragedies the inventors couldn’t have imagined.

  2. Great sign – there should be more of them around – actually I wish there were no need for such signs, but there are too many irresponsible people out there.

  3. the first time I drove in New Zealand and saw that sign, I couldn’t believe my eyes! nor my ears! (I could actually hear the intonation, there!)… and then, why not?! some words are as strong or stronger than pictures (like those on packs of cigarettes).
    Did you have any feedback on how drivers took the sign and if the alcool related driving accident rates dropped after it was put up?

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