Ailsa's travel photo challenge: Hot

Ailsa wants to warm up by looking at photos of hot things:

Here in Canberra the temperatures have been in the high 30s lately, but rather than shooting this summery city for the photo challenge, I’ll draw on my father’s pictorial resources from Egypt.

A photo of a kind of swimming competition in the river –  it looks a bit painful, and I’m not sure how you win:

Swimming inland, Egypt, 1941

And a drawing of soldiers under the blazing desert sun, probably up to no good:

Drawing by Ronald Ernest Bruce, 1941

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  1. That “swimming competition” looks like the greasy pole competition, a King Neptune ceremony, which we witnessed on board ship whilst crossing the Equator on our way from England to South Africa in 1970.

  2. Thanks very much for telling me about the greasy pole; I’d never heard of it. But now that I’ve read a bit about these competitions, it certainly seems to be what’s happening in the photo. How painful if your face falls onto the log! Still, they’re soldiers, so they’re tough.

  3. That “greasy pole” has its equivalent in Canada where you try and use your arms to knock your opponent off-balance into the COLD water! Love your photos…

  4. Thanks for telling me some more about the greasy pole competition. It’s great when my photos are explained by another blogger! Usually I find out, by researching various sources, what the scene in an old photo represents. But this time I was stumped, so I’m glad others recognise this game. I think I would hate to play it in Canada and end up in cold water, but in Egypt I suspect the water was warmish.

  5. There’s a “medieval” version, also with the aim of dunking your opponent, but played standing up swinging big sticks with padded ends. Don’t think the pole is greasy in that one, though! Glad I could be of help…

  6. Hello. I just found your blog. fantastic collection of unique world war two history. thank you very much for sharing !
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  7. Hello Ian, I just had a look at your web site. It seems like there are a large number of photos to look at. I’d like to have a look and will do so soon. Glad you like the photos from my father’s collection.

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