Ailsa's travel photo challenge: Sunset

Ailsa suggested we post a photo of a memorable sunset this week.  On her blog she has photos of US sunsets in soft lavender, pink and yellow hues:

The best sunset I’ve ever seen was almost a physical experience.  Unlike the US sunsets, this one was a solid ball of gold in an unclouded New Caledonian sky.  I had noticed the fiery sun low in the sky, just above the ocean, but before I could become too contemplative, it descended into the water and I couldn’t look away.  Only seconds passed from the moment I first saw it to its disappearance below the horizon, as though it had drowned in the sea.  I could almost hear a hiss!  I stood in confusion, knowing that the earth had moved, not the sun.

I’m currently translating a small book of New Caledonian legends by Claudine Jacques, colourfully illustrated by Papou, so when I saw Ailsa’s suggestion of sunset images I immediately thought of late afternoons in Noumea, the capital of New Caledonia.  This Pacific island, not far from the north-eastern coast of Australia, is a French ‘special collectivity’.  That is, it used to be a territory colonised by the French from 1854, but now the people are working towards independence and power is gradually being transferred from France to New Caledonia over a 20 year period, looking towards 2018.  Unless the French can convince them otherwise.

Winter Sunset, Noumea, New Caledonia

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  1. Thanks for the compliment. You too have probably experienced physical sensations during your travels that you wouldn’t have in Ireland. Isn’t it great to see other parts of the world!

  2. All that time and effort you are spending on translating other peoples work is having a wonderful boomerang influence on yours. What a great little story for the Independence Day of a country where independence and freedom are enjoyed by relatively few, and the burden of their ultra- competitive economic, environmental and social model is in need of serious repair. I have very mixed feelings about how successful the transfer of certain competences are; for some, certainly, it is sunset time for traditional cultures, protected resources, and a tranquil way of life.

  3. Thanks for saying my writing is improving because of my translating, though, to tell the truth, I blog to improve my translations. Are you referring here to the independence of New Caledonia or America? Yes, I agree that traditional cultures are becoming more and more Westernised.

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