366 unusual things: days 259 – 263

15th Sep – At a chocolate shop/café my cup of coffee came with melted chocolate dribbled, apparently decoratively, down the outside of the cup.  It ended up on my fingers in a great mess.

16th Sep – Went to a church in this seaside town where we are holidaying.  It looked conservative from the outside but the music was hypnotic, the last song line repeated 16 times, and the preacher didn’t preach;  he prayed for troubled souls until they fell on the floor.  I’ve heard of this but never seen it before.

17th Sep – Walking to the beach we passed a refugee and his sons.  We smiled and said Hi;  he hesitated, nodded ever so slightly, but didn’t smile.  I wondered what he was thinking.

18th Sep – Found out that a short piece I submitted to a magazine has been published, including two photos which I had taken for this blog.  Only, they attributed the writing to another Trish!  The editor promised to place a correction in the next issue.

19th Sep – Went to the porpoise pool and got kissed by a dolphin and a seal.

3 Replies to “366 unusual things: days 259 – 263”

  1. Congratulations on the magazine, error notwithstanding. Are you able to or want to tell the mag and issue? I’m curious to see it, plus wonder how one goes about doing something so rewarding. I read articles, stories, blog, etc. and say to myself “you can do that!” Maybe not. Maybe everyone says that. Still. I have to wonder.
    You had several unusual days. :-). That church. I want to got there!
    Phun photos :-D.

  2. The magazine is for Australian translators, so it’s only available to members of the association. But it’s a big deal for me. I responded to a request for photos and a story about ‘where I work’. And voilà, the editor liked it. No money paid, but still… Perhaps you’ll come across requests for something only you can write about, something no one else knows much about. Thanks for the compliment. And I’ll tell you that I don’t think you’d enjoy that church. It was all a bit of smoke and mirrors, as my husband says. We wanted to worship God, not the magic man.

  3. Your husband sounds like a funny guy 🙂
    No money? That stuff is not always the main reason for doing things. I think it’s GRAND! and I’m happy for you. I’ll keep peeking around to see what I can do. Thanks.

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