Weekly photo challenge: hope

The wedding of an Australian General Hospital sister, approx. 1941.  The church is the Basilique Notre Dame d’Héliopolis, Cairo.  I’ve written a little about the church here, and included a photo of the whole structure.

The nurse probably worked at the hospital in Kantara (also El Qantarah and several other spellings), Egypt, close to the Suez Canal.  My father may have known her since he was a patient in this hospital, but he didn’t record her name.

A wedding in the middle of a war zone.  A triumph of hope over reality.

Wedding of Australian General Hospital sister, c1941, Egypt

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  1. that’s the Basilique “Notre Dame d’Héliopolis”.. far away from Qantara

    awesome collection, I really love it
    thanks for sharing, Egypt is so much different now

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