366 unusual things: days 294 – 298

20th Oct – On someone else’s computer I saw, for the first time, an advertisement on my blog.  It’s for an expensive car.  My husband reckons the car maker chose my blog for its readers.

21st Oct – Some kangaroos love the beach as much as I do.

Kangaroos, Murramarang Resort, Murramarang National Park, NSW

22nd Oct – A man I know who was from childhood a practising atheist, and who in recent years became a Protestant, has recently been baptised as a Catholic.  A coincidence for me – I’ve just translated a story about a character who did exactly that.

23rd Oct – 30th wedding anniversary today.

24th Oct – A female politician (the PM) has loudly accused a male politician (L of the O) of being a misogynist and sexist.  Yet I heard today that he cycles long distances every year to raise buckets of money for good causes including breast cancer research, a women’s shelter and Carers Australia.