366 unusual things: days 299 – 303

25th Oct – When I turn my computer on it grunts like a quietly spoken pig.

26th Oct – At the post office, the woman in front of me was paying her bills in cash.  They totalled $2,100.  It was a long wait while the clerk counted the notes.

27th Oct – Spent two hours researching and writing a blog post of about 400 words.  When I submitted it I received a ‘like’ a literal half-second later.  Not enough time to read even one word.

28th Oct – During the silent prayer time in church, a strange voice called out, ‘WHAT THE…’.  It was an irreverent ring tone on an unsilenced mobile phone.

29th Oct – One of my young students living on a large property has trouble sleeping.  Herds of kangaroos hop right up to his window and snort in the darkness.

11 Replies to “366 unusual things: days 299 – 303”

  1. I do not like likeaholics either. I respond by never visiting those blogs. They are welcome to “unfollow” me. This may sound antisocial, but it is the truth.

  2. I’m so pleased you understood what I meant, Allison. I wondered if this ever happens to other bloggers. If I submit a longish post and see the little ‘like’ star appear immediately, I groan, throw my hands up in the air, and know they’ve only looked at the photo.

  3. This phenomenon makes me realise that my primary motivation for writing is certainly not to collect “likes”, although I do appreciate them from people who I know read the blog content. What I really love are comments – especially short pithy ones; it is always a challenge to reply in like fashion. 🙂

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