Weekly photo challenge: Renewal

Another photo from my father’s World War 2 album:  it’s not a sharp image, but it’s about renewal, and that’s what matters.

During the presence of Australian troops in Egypt, house boats on the River Nile were used for officers convalescing or on leave.  Earlier this year I posted a photo of Shepheard’s Hotel in Cairo where officers also spent time relaxing and renewing their spirits. On the same theme, Dad wrote a poem about time-out for officers and privates, called Seven Days’ Leave, a few verses of which I posted here.

Officers’ Convalescence, River Nile, Egypt, c1941

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  1. I’m interested that you have photos of Egypt in these years. I’ve looked at many online and also in a collection that I purchased, as well as at the Australian War Memorial. Researching the settings of the photos has been a fascinating pastime. I’ve learned a lot.

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