Ailsa's photo challenge: Soft

Ailsa’s photos of soft things are excellent pieces of photography.  She found something soft that’s normally scratchy and hard-edged:  grass.  You must see it:

I, too, found a photo of something soft in a hard place.

Finding a soft thing in a blokey shed is rare.  When we found this possum curled up on top of an old wardrobe cum tool cupboard, we tempted him with his favourite food, fruit, and he kindly sat up and took the piece of apple for our photographic benefit.  My husband took this excellent shot.

I have to confess that though his fur looks soft, I can’t confirm it.  Possums are vicious;  it’s wise to put the piece of fruit in front of the cute ball of fur and quickly withdraw your hand.

Possum eating apple, Canberra

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  1. Great photo – and you can see in his eyes that he’s watching you, ready to attack if he feels threatened! So as soft as he looks, you were clearly wise to keep your distance. 😉

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