366 unusual things: days 319 – 323

14th Nov – Someone from the Ancestry site sent me an obituary of my great-grandfather.  The phrase ‘engaged in suppressing the slave trade’ leapt off the page.  It’s given me hope.

15th Nov – In a car park, a young African immigrant was trying a car door and peering in the window.  Then he walked over to another car as I watched suspiciously.  I heard an electronic beep and he opened the door of a car identical to the first one he’d tried to unlock.

16th Nov – A very butch butcher, tattooed and pierced, prickly asymmetrical haircut, a woman in men’s clothes, sold me some meat and asked for my shopping bag to put it in.  Taking my small orange carry bag, she squealed “Oh that’s such a cute bag!  So cute!” as only a girl can.

17th Nov – A chicken pizza recipe found quickly online included no pizza base in its ingredients.  Instead, chicken breasts are pounded flat and round until they resemble a base, on which you put all the toppings.  Pffft.  As if that’s a pizza.

18th Nov – My son lost his mobile phone last night and today the city police station called to say someone had handed it in.

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  1. Ahhhhh! No carbs. No pizza! 🙂
    My husband lost his cell. We confronted the people we knew took it. They said they didn’t have it and what a shame. Shame on them! Your son is lucky. And you’ve renewed my faith in (some) of humanity.

  2. I thought it was so unusual that someone handed the phone in, that I had to include it on my list of unusual things. The same son had his previous phone stolen in a nightclub so we were very relieved that he got this one back.

  3. It’s not so easy to do these days with electronic locks. In the days when all cars needed a key, it was possible to open a car that looked identical because there were only a certain number of key patterns. It must have been weird for your father. Something would seem odd once you were in.

  4. It was awesome. However, he surprised me, as young people often do, when he said he didn’t mind losing it because he’s sick of it and can live without it but has become dependent on it.

  5. There’s no pleasing some people. 😀 My son lost his cell phone a few years ago when he went snowboarding in upstate NY. I got a call at 2am in South Africa from my MiL in England, to tell me that someone had phoned her from the USA to say they’d found it. They’d just looked through the contacts list until they came to “Grandma.” 🙂

  6. What a fantastic story! Just proves we can be tracked once we own a mobile phone. I thought the police were pretty good with my son’s phone because three of us had missed calls from them – they’d gone through the contacts and called people with the same family name until someone answered.

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