Weekly photo challenge: Green

The green moss on this rock brought out the amateur photographer in me.  Outdoor workers call it high-visibility green and wear vests of this colour, all the better for us to see them with, but it doesn’t make them as pretty as these rocks by the sea on the south coast of New South Wales.

10 Replies to “Weekly photo challenge: Green”

  1. I looked at some of my old photos of Middle Eastern parks with trees and branches, and thought of asking the reader to use his imagination. But that would have been mean.

  2. Really difficult to get the scale of this photo. At first glance, it looks as though it might be be a rocky cliffside, and the surf at top left being far distant.

  3. I see what you see – the surf is a bit blurred like it’s in the distance. But it’s actually only a foot or so below the rock. These rocks are scattered all along the surf’s edge, and out through the water. A hazard for boats.

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