Ailsa’s travel photo challenge: Bridges

Bridge photos, I’ve posted a few.   But here’s one you haven’t seen:

Imbaba opening bridge, Nile River, Egypt, c1941
Imbaba opening bridge, Nile River, Cairo, c1941

The Imbaba Bridge is a swing bridge in Egypt. A photo of the swing section can be found here.

You might also be interested in this post of mine from July about another opening bridge on the Nile, the El Gala’a Bridge, or, as it was known in 1941, the English Bridge.

And below, from a post in December, this excellent bridge perspective.  Thanks to Ahmad Omar (see his comment below) I’ve discovered the name of this bridge:  Aboul Ela Bridge, also known as the Abou el Ela, Abou al-Ela, and the Boulak Bridge.  It was constructed between 1908 and 1912 and dismantled in 1998.

March - THROUGH. Nile Bridge, Cairo, c1941
Abou el Ela Bridge, Cairo, c1941

And you should look at the Beckett Bridge in Dublin by night, on Ailsa’s blog.



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  1. The photos are from his album but I don’t know who the photographer was. Sometimes he took the photos, sometimes he got them from his mates. He might have also bought some as souvenirs. Nevertheless, he brought them home from Egypt after serving there in the war.

  2. Imbaba bridge is still there, as awesome as it is, for the other its Aboul Ela bridge (also Boulak Bridge), replace by 15th of may (15 may) bridge in 1998, leading to the famous Marriott Zamalek, luckly the Aboul Fedda bridge is still here somewhere but not in use.

  3. Thanks for telling me the name of the second bridge. It’s good to know the name because I’ve always loved the perspective in this particular photo.

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