Weekly photo challenge: The sign says…

In the photo below there are two signs.  I’m guessing you can read the sign on the right, Mister Tacos Sandwicherie.  But as for the other one, since this week’s photo challenge is “The signs says…”, the photo gives me the opportunity to tell you what the sign says:

“This home was built by the Lyonnais magistrate, Claude Paterin, under the reign of François 1st.  Its name was later changed to the House of Henri IV after the monarch had a short stay here in December 1600.”

Hôtel Paterin, Lyon
Hôtel Paterin, Lyon

A bust of Henri IV sits in a niche above the sign.  However, it was not his property but a private mansion.  He stayed here for a short while after his marriage to Marie de Médicis in the Cathédrale Saint Jean, a few streets away, which was when and where they met.  The marriage produced issue, ancestors of some of the present European royal families including Prince William through his mother’s family.  But apart from this, the marriage was an unpleasant affair for Marie who shared her husband with several of his mistresses until it all ended when Henri was assassinated ten years later.

Hôtel Paterin, Lyon
Hôtel Paterin and Mister Tacos, Lyon

The house is at 4 rue Juiverie in old Lyon where most of the Renaissance buildings have been restored and receive constant attention.  Unfortunately, while someone occupies the upper floors of the building, judging by the pot plants and the open window, the Hotel Paterin has been sorely neglected on the lower levels and now houses Mister Tacos, though even this shop looks like it has closed down.  I was shocked by the two signs, visible together in one glance and disturbing enough to make me look back.

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  1. I like the red balconies too. I didn’t go inside though I’ve heard the house has a great internal staircase.

  2. That’s what I thought when they caught my eye. It’s not unusual to see new signs close to ancient ones in cities like Lyon, but when one sign is important historically and the other is cheap and tacky, you just have to shake your head and find something nicer to look at.

  3. Out of curiosity I had to go find the place on Google maps. The good news is, it doesn’t seem to be Mister Taco anymore. The bad news is, it’s now L’Olivia Pizzeria.

  4. But I took this photo on Wednesday, 3 days ago. Perhaps Google maps are a bit older than the Mister Taco Sandwicherie. I’m glad you were interested enough to search for it!

  5. Yes, visit the old part of Lyon! Even though the building in my photo has a tacky grafittied taco place at street level, in the surrounding streets similar Renaissance buildings are beautiful and many have crafts and other interesting souvenirs in pretty shops along the narrow cobblestone streets.

  6. Wonderful documentation of change in our cities.How we neglect everything old that has been there for centuries and hail every short lived trend – like those eaterie-chains. Just to abandon those quickly again.

  7. I agree. I think there should be controls over what kind of business is allowed to operate in a Renaissance building or in any building of historical importance. We should keep the tacky franchises in their own zones. Thanks for your comment!

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