Weekly photo challenge: Lines and patterns

This month in Canberra we have the flower festival, Floriade.  And this week Floriade carries on into the night, beginning tonight.  I’ve just come home from a fun evening watching circus performers and crazy light shows.  Problem is, at night the flowers are coloured by swinging beams of red and blue and green and purple light, so I have no idea what colour these tulips really are.

But I thought it was all ideal for a ‘lines and patterns’ theme:  the gardens are planted with flowers of different heights to form geometric patterns, and the ferris wheel behind them makes a great show of light lines glowing on and off as it turns.  Slowly.  Very slowly.

Nightfest2 Nightfest3 Nightfest4 Nightfest5 Nightfest6 Nightfest7

4 Replies to “Weekly photo challenge: Lines and patterns”

  1. Love the use of colour in these shots, even if the tulips appear to be faking it.
    Many years since we visited Floriade – last was when our daughter was at UC 1997-9. Must be due to do it again soon.

  2. Thanks. You probably haven’t seen the Nightfest edition of Floriade. Last night was the first time I’d been at night, and I’m not sure I’d recommend it. The colours are a bit weird and I was longing for normal lights to show me their natural glory. But it’s pretty good during the day.

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