The colours of New Zealand – Auckland

New Zealand is a country just three hours’ flight from my home, yet I had never been there till last week.  It’s a gap in my travelling experience I was ashamed of when meeting New Zealanders in Europe!  Well, now I can say I know something about NZ, and I can agree with all those who have told me it’s beautiful.  I enjoyed finding particular scenes where one colour was dominant, and happily snapped a multitude of photos.

I went with my husband, who’s been to NZ a few times before.  Without me.  Auckland was our first port of call, where I was struck by an inviting turquoise sea, streets lined with white houses, and a knockout red wrought iron fence.


Red street lamps, Port of Auckland, NZ
Red street lamps, Port of Auckland, NZ


White weatherboard houses with white fences under white clouds


Boats on a turquoise harbour, Auckland

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    1. It’s possibly lovelier than Australia because it’s greener, and there are flowers everywhere (garden escapees), and nowhere is far from water. But we’re bigger!

  1. Boats? Those ain’t boats, babe, they’re long-bowsprited traditional yachts. You pictured some nice hunks of marine architecture Trish. Thanks.

    1. Well, I knew they were traditional but I wasn’t sure if they were Maori or European traditional, so I went for the generic term ‘boats’. The black one was particularly beautiful on the blue-green water of the harbour. Thanks for the comment and info.

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