Cee's black and white photo challenge: cars

I’ve just stumbled across Cee’s challenge to find black and white photos of cars.  I have just the thing, though I didn’t take the photos.  My father did, way back when these cars were his.  They were taken long before I was born, in a spot near the beach, probably Noosa Heads (long before they solved the sandfly problem and turned it into an internationally appealing resort town).  The first photo is of the family car;  I have other photos of it with my sister and brother as toddlers sitting on the running board (that’s how wide it is!).

My father's car, c1943
My father’s car, c1943

The next photo is of Dad’s ute (short for utility truck).  My mother told me he made the tray on the back to put his tins of paint and work gear in.

My father's ute, c1945
My father’s ute, c1943

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