366 unusual things: days 64-68

4th Mar – I read on my father’s army service form that he had blue eyes, a revelation to me;  I never looked him in the eye.  My mother and three siblings have brown or grey eyes.  I have blue eyes.

5th Mar – A rural commentator on ABC Radio today said he wants ‘action, not just antidotal stories’.

6th Mar – Just heard Cupid by Sam Cooke.  Sam asks Cupid:  ‘Draw back your bow and let your arrow go straight to my lover’s heart’.  But Sam loves a girl who doesn’t know he exists.  She can’t be his lover then, since a lover loves.

7th Mar – Thought about a mentor’s advice to use ‘perhaps’, not ‘maybe’.  Saw ‘maybe’ in an article and found myself mouthing ‘perhaps’, which purses the mouth with its two p’s and a sibilant s and a breathy h in the middle.  The song Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps just wouldn’t work as Maybe, Maybe, Maybe.

8th Mar – In a bookshop, I searched for the translators’ names in three editions of Madame Bovary.  The most expensive, a Penguin edition, gave a translator’s name;  a cheaper Penguin and the Collins edition made no mention of translators.  Perhaps Flaubert wrote them in English.

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