366 unusual things: days 59-63

28th Feb:  I felt the pressure of words when I read, across the rear window of a ute in front of me, in large white Gothic lettering, ‘Justify your existence’.

29th Feb:  When I go into homes to tutor, some people tell me to leave my shoes on, even on rainy days on fully carpeted floors.  I never see them barefoot.  Others won’t let me step inside until I’ve removed my shoes, even when they have tiled floors and the day is icy.  I never see them shod.

1st Mar:  Tonight when I was in the shower, a police car gave its siren a short sharp burst right outside my bathroom window.

2nd Mar:  All this rain (4th day) is bringing out garden weirdness.  Today my foot just missed a 7-inch long leopard slug;  a large caterpillar crossed my undrying washing like an omega ;   water-retaining crystals used in the drought have jellified and are oozing up out of pot plants and creeping over the sides.

3rd Mar:  My son said to his boss today:  ‘I’ll just take this back out the back then I’ll be back.’