366 unusual things: days 264 – 268

20th Sep – Looked at a lagoon and a lizard on a log.

Frill-necked lizard, Korora Bay, NSW

21st Sep – Saw four dead gum trees on the clifftop boardwalk in front of a mansion with million-dollar views.  A huge Council sign says:  “These trees have been POISONED”.

22nd Sep – After 14 months of searching for an out-of-print book, I’ve obtained an 1867 edition, its spine broken, back cover torn, but entire.

23rd Sep – Heard on a documentary that enough sunlight falls on Australia in two days to power the whole world for a year.

24th Sep – An author sent me a manuscript to read and is eager to know if I’ll translate it.  Oh yeah!

5 Replies to “366 unusual things: days 264 – 268”

  1. The bit about the sunshine is interesting, but I’m not sure if it’s useful or useless trivia. It would take more solar panels than we could imagine to capture all that sun for electricity.
    Your bet about sunscreen might not pay much. Though small children are carefully sunscreened in kindergartens etc., the rest of us are fairly blasé. We wear hats but usually forget to cream up. My husband and I went to the beach frequently in the last few weeks and, every time, we simply forgot to grab the expensive tube of cream before we left the house.

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