366 unusual things: days 304 – 308

30th Oct – I’ve watched every 7 Up episode since I was 7, and today I watched the latest, 56 Up.  Michael Apted didn’t plan it this way in the beginning, but thanks to his perseverance, every 7 years I catch up with people I’ve known since I was a child.

31st Oct – There’s a Halloween party for 20 children under way next door.  This is unusual where I live.

1st Nov – Tutoring a student in a college library, we were asked to leave for recess.  The library closed for 15 minutes.  Who made up that rule?

2nd Nov – A tutoring agency asked me to fill in my details on a page entitled “Teachers Backend”.

3rd Nov – In the last two years my neighbour in the Housing flats has had two babies.  The father has taken them away to another town.  She accepts it;  she has no money to get them back or even to go and see them.  Her life is so different from mine.

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  1. Hard to know when to offer help and when to keep my nose out of it. On my side of the street there are ‘homes’; on the other side is ‘Housing’. Each side has opinions about the other side. It took me months to cross the street just for a chat, but it was worth it. Meanwhile, all the other neighbours from this side give the Housing tenants a wide berth, and when I try to encourage them to go over there, they say ‘Nuh’. All animals are not equal.

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