366 unusual things: days 334 – 338

29th Nov – In a post office I was waiting for quite some time in front of this poster. It left me wondering about the water source.FluPoster_cropped

30th Nov – Started learning Spanish online.  Now I understand why a printed j sounds like h.  Like San Jose.

1st Dec – Out of 30 people at a literacy lecture, two were men;  one was wiry, white-haired, long-retired, the other was young, robust and black.  The rest of us were middle-aged white women.

2nd Dec – At a ‘hipster’ market, some old half-life-size statues of Jesus and angels were for sale to ‘hip’ home decorators.  They looked like church plunder.

3rd Dec – Listened to a radio program about flies; apparently they will provide us with new antibiotics in about ten years.

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  1. I’ve seen this poster a hundred times and not noticed the third hand. It’s only because I was waiting for several minutes that I had time to study it. I wonder what its creator was thinking of.

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