366 unusual things: days 324 – 328

19th Nov – Spoke to a new migrant to Canberra, Australia’s capital, who ardently believes the capital should be on the coast.  His opinion shows the movement of priorities for Westerners:  in 1908 the inland capital site was chosen for its fertility and adequate water supply, but in 2012 the pleasure of seaside living is more important.

20th Nov – Tried on shoes in a shop but they were too tight.  Was given a stocking and told the shoes would feel looser with it on.  If I add a layer, won’t the shoes be tighter?  No, as it turns out, they did indeed stop pinching.  Did the stocking elastic push my foot flesh up my ankle?

21st Nov – The bathroom ceiling, painted a few months ago with unsuitable paint, is peeling in white flakes that float down before my face as I clean my teeth.

22nd Nov – I teach a few continental Europeans who tell me stories of very effectively demanding and receiving money they are owed.  They like the statement, ‘This is not negotiable.’

23rd Nov – Made a hot chocolate from a product which recommends organic non-dairy milk alternative.  But I used chemical, antibiotic and hormone-infused non-organic dairy milk.  Full cream.

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