366 unusual things: days 344 – 348

9th Dec – My son told me he hides in car boots to get into places…  He reminded me that my grandfather was a stowaway on a ship going to the First World War.

10th Dec – To sell their house, our neighbours got rid of their chickens, and now a small tree grows where they used to run.  Something on a branch hanging on my side of the fence caught my eye – cherries!

11th Dec – Read two articles by professional translators, one grumbling about dogs and their owners, another who can’t work without his dog beside him.

12th Dec – Walked into a friend’s study and was confronted by a dress hanging beside the door, a 1920s apricot lace dress with a satin hip sash and bow that she’d bought in a 2nd-hand shop.  While we sat talking, the handle of the door turned, the door opened a fraction and closed again, the handle turned back.  She assured me it was air movement and that it wasn’t the woman coming to claim her dress.

13th Dec – Put on a lip balm called Baby Lips;  my lips swelled outside and in, like an allergic reaction. I think that was the cosmetic plan, to puff them up like a baby’s.

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