Ailsa's travel photo challenge: Walls

Six years ago I was in Collioure on the south-east coast of France, wandering around the outer walls of the Château Royal.  An artist had attached his paintings to the wall and I couldn’t take my eyes off them.  Alas, I didn’t buy one because my friend, another local artist, didn’t think they were the best.  But I loved this photo and have had it stuck on my wall at home all these years.  I plan to return to the region this year and perhaps this time I’ll pick up a small painting to stick to my wall.  If you like the colours, take a look at the blog header above where you’ll see the painter’s inspiration:  between blue sky and sea, under terracotta roofs and above ancient cobbled streets, the yellow and pink walled houses fill souls with sunshine and Matissey urges.

Art for sale, outer wall of the Château Royal, Collioure, France
Art for sale, outer wall of the Château Royal, Collioure, France

Check out Ailsa’s beautiful wall photography here:

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  1. Huh! You’re too clever for me. I had to re-read my own writing to see that I had a wall on my wall! Thanks for seeing things that I don’t.

  2. Do you mean sticking paintings on the wall of the Chateau Royal, or were you thinking of my other post this week, the Greatest Love Letter? Either way, I’m glad you liked the cool idea.

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