February photo challenge: 7th Feb, Button

This is my mother, drawn by my father.  Years ago, I took it out of his sketch book and had it framed, and now it sits beside my desk.  I often focus on the round buttons and the round brooch on her dress.

The sketchbook dates from about 1942/43.  This portrait is a very close likeness, as once observed by a visitor who saw the drawing and then a photo of Mum at about the same age.

Ron Bruce, c 1942, ©Patricia Worth 2012

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  1. Thank you cobbies69. I’m very interested to read that you have a drawing like mine. Portraits must have been more the thing during the war years. I’ve never had a portrait done of myself, but perhaps I’ve never met an artist who wanted to draw me. My father stopped all his creative work shortly after the war.

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