366 unusual things: days 54-58

23rd Feb – Driving in blazing sunlight, I entered a short tunnel and my eyes didn’t adjust.  Everything went dark and I had to trust my knowledge of the road for a few seconds.

24th Feb – Discovered that Google makes finding a Justice of the Peace easy.  I gave it a suburb and it listed the local JPs in order of distance in metres from my house, though I hadn’t given an exact address.  I like the knowledge Google has but I hate it knowing where I am.

25th Feb – This afternoon I read about Shepheard’s Hotel for two hours so I could write a factual paragraph for the Indulge challenge.  I began the weekly photo challenges with just pictures in mind;  now the writing matters.

26th Feb – A black crow picked up a white cockatoo feather, flew up onto a fence, held the feather under its claw and tore it to shreds, the white scraps catching in the breeze and blowing away.

27th Feb – When I asked a woman in a quilting shop to tell me the difference between cotton and polyester thread, she said, ‘Well, this one’s cotton because it’s cotton.  It’s made from cotton.’

Several weeks ago we found a possum in the tool cupboard (see post of 16th Jan).  Now there are two.

Possum mother and baby in the tool cupboard

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