Changing Seasons: October

In October around Canberra there are fetes and fiestas and spring celebrations. This one is called Party at the Shops.

It’s on today. There are dancing schoolgirls, a big band and sausage sizzle, Thai food and a jumping castle. There’s also a home-made lemonade stand. Note that the signs don’t just offer lemonade. Let’s hope the preschoolers visiting their stand can’t read, or else they might ask for Carlton Dry or Iron Jack lager or rum or whisky or Vodka Cruiser.

The weather is superb, perfect for dancing outdoors. The girls danced to Michael Jackson (above) and Bollywood (below), and in between there was an umbrella dance to Gene Kelly’s Singin’ in the Rain. Note the fairness of their skin, the result of being covered up for months during the long Canberra cold season. Quite a contrast to coastal skin which is, on most people in this country, tanned.

Thanks to Cardinal Guzman for the Changing Seasons inspiration.


10 Replies to “Changing Seasons: October”

  1. Looks like fun, Trish. Did you spot any future stars? Hopefully, the “Slip, Slop, Slap & Wrap” generation are not as tanned as some of their ancestors were!

  2. My generation never used sunscreen. Screen ourselves from the sun? We preferred to encourage it with baby oil!
    I didn’t spot any future stars but I did notice that those in the front row were prettier. Strategic.

  3. I love fiestas under the sun! Like that one. But here, in the antipodes, it is very cloudy these days…

  4. I live near the Australian coast and I am always covered up Trish. Like many older aussies, I am paying for not ever doing it as a youngster. Anyway, it looked like a nice reason to take some sunny photos.?

  5. Thanks for your comment, Michael. The thing is, when we’re young we don’t want to cover up. It’s the best way to attract wanted attention. Now that I’m older, I do wear a hat. If I’m hot.

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