Five shots of everyday life: Friday

Today I snapped this one of two men in Bakers Delight not looking at a poster on their right of a woman hiding her breasts with two pink buns, part of a campaign for the Breast Cancer Network of Australia.

Coincidence: I just saw the news on TV about Facebook banning these posters.

This was one of many social media controversies in Australia today. Some will be thanking God it’s Friday.


One Reply to “Five shots of everyday life: Friday”

  1. Superb finish to your series, Trish. The cream buns don’t look as tempting in B&W (or N&B as we say in France), but I can still smell them! The litter behind the guy’s foot is disappointing. FB has a lot for which to answer.
    As my correspondent in Lyon would say, “Bon weekend” 🙂

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