366 unusual things: days 359 – 363

24th Dec – One of the worst offenders from the Housing flats (he’s just been evicted) spoke to me for the first time when I ran into him in the fruit shop. He wished me a Merry Christmas.

25th Dec – Went outside to breathe in this fresh Christmas morning and heard a deep male voice in the distance calling “Ho, ho, ho!”.

26th Dec – Found out that ‘organised’ has another meaning; it can mean ‘made into a living being’, that is, composed of organs.

27th Dec – Passed two road signs on a mountain:  “Uncoupling zone” 🙁 and “Coupling zone” 🙂 (for truck drivers about to descend the steep and winding road).

28th Dec – Was having morning tea at my local café when the garbage truck, which had just emptied my bin, parked outside. Two hairy garbage men sat at the table next to mine, upwind of me.

2 Replies to “366 unusual things: days 359 – 363”

  1. Hearing Ho ho ho in the distance on Christmas morning had to give you a thrill! I believe!
    I don’t know how unusual that upwind experience was, but it must have been odiferous to say the very least.
    Tea in a café that just made me smile. (I love tea, but it just sounded funny.)
    Happy New Year, Trish.

  2. Thanks for your comments, Gemma. About morning tea: it doesn’t have to be tea; it can be coffee or chai latte! Morning tea is what we have between breakfast and lunch. Afternoon tea is between lunch and dinner. These are the breaks where we stop for a hot drink and a sweet treat.

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