366 unusual things: days 364 – 366

29th Dec – Ten boxes of chocolates and biscuits, Christmas gifts, are stacked in a tower in my kitchen.

30th Dec – Heard in a sermon that 560 French and German churches have closed in the last decade and, now they are empty, many are being converted into mosques.

31st Dec – Today is a bonus day after the 365th.  The last unusual thing.

4 Replies to “366 unusual things: days 364 – 366”

  1. What will I do without your unusual days? I was hooked! I think this is an exercise in being more *present*. I really enjoyed it.
    Happy 2013, Trish. ~ Gemma

  2. This was really encouraging, Allison. Unusual things continue to occur around me and I continue to write bits and pieces, because to translate fiction I have to be able to write fiction which is how the ‘unusual things’ were born. But at the moment I need to spend days/weeks preparing a publication proposal and want to record the strangeness of life only once a week. The Daily Prompt or other inspiration will trigger a thought and force me to write it down and send it out. I’m interested in your post about publishing the wine book (forgot the title, sorry) and have read some of it but am not finished. Thanks for writing it!

  3. Once a week is good enough for me! I also call it “the wine book” when at home, so no need to apologise. The story will have an ending soon – I am in the throes of completing an unusual (and unusually large) “addendum” for the author. Publicising that happy day is definitely something I look forward to.

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