Weekly photo challenge: Infinite

Infinite – like grains of sand on the beach, the number of numbers, stars in the sky, dots on an Aboriginal painting . . .

When I bought this painting in Fitzroy Falls, NSW, from the artist Marie Barbaric of the Dunghutti Nation, she wrote its story on the back of the canvas for me:

One day an elder of our Nation was walking with his daughters, they came to a waterhole and the father told his daughters to wait by the pool till he returned from hunting. . . .  While he was away a hunter came from another tribe and wanted to take one of the sisters for a bride. . . .  The sisters ran to their father, and to help hide them from the young hunter, he threw his daughters to the stars. . .

Untitled painting by Aboriginal artist Marie Barbaric, 2013
Untitled painting by Aboriginal artist Marie Barbaric, ochre, charcoal, acrylic, 2013


5 Replies to “Weekly photo challenge: Infinite”

  1. Hello! My names Marie Barbaric, I was so shocked to see my painting!
    I am so happy that you have received pleasure from my art work!!!
    If you want to see what I’m up to these days feel free to visit my web page
    Just google Koori Kulcha Experience!!

  2. Hi Marie, I’m glad you liked the blog post. I wondered if you’d ever see that I’d written about your painting! I’ll look at your web page.

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