46 Great Opening Lines: 5

Hiding behind the hedge, the wolf was patiently watching the house.

Opening line, The Wolf, Marcel Aymé (my translation)

Cover of ‘Les Contes bleus du chat perché’, including ‘Le Loup’ (The Wolf), Marcel Aymé, courtesy of Gallimard, publisher

The Wolf is a children’s story written by Marcel Aymé in 1932. Aymé is more famous for his science fiction/fantasy stories, particularly about characters who have a supernatural ability, like walking through walls or existing only every second day. This story is about a wolf who convinces two small blonde girls (wolves prefer blondes) to let him into the house while their parents are out. The ending is a happy one, for the girls.

The translation is mine. One day it might be published.



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  1. Smart wolf! There’s a great quote in a letter in today’s SMH (03/10/17)
    An Aussie getting briefed on cheese protocol in a restaurant in France. “The parents left the job of educating me about cheese to their young children. We communicated in schoolboy French, which was appropriate as they were French schoolboys.” 🙂

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